Breast Painting for the Masses

From Naewna, June 20, 2012
Left: Topless to paint her haphazard art….!! How dare that TV show let her go on stage and broadcast to the public…?
Right: Imagine herself, campaign to show her haphazard policy…!! How did her brother let her go on stage in public….?!!
Yingluck is shouting: Do you want sea breeze? [referring to flood prevention measures] Do you want a minimum wage of 300 baht all over Thailand? Do you want the minimum salary for graduates of 15,000 baht?
The caption reads: In Thai society, just dare to do it. You will win, won’t you?
[This refers to the recent TV talent show where a topless woman used her body to paint abstract art. The cartoonist compares this to the many populist polices of the Yingluck government.]

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