From Manager, October 6, 2020
Piyabutr: Hit it!… Tyrant King… Abuse the people!!!
On the grave: Louis XVI 1793
Penguin: He does not dare to hit directly.

[Refers to former Future Forward Party leader Piyabutr who has promoted lectures on the crimes of the French monarchy and the history of the French Revolution. This is somewhat like how Red Shirts once promoted studies of similar historical events and assassinations. All are ways to skirt local laws that prevent one from directly threatening the monarchy.

The cartoonist shows how times have changed. Now student activists like Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak are leading protests that openly demand changing the legal status of the monarchy. They also draw parallels between their protests and the 1932 revolution that overthrew the monarchy.

Meanwhile politicians like Piyabutr, whatever their private opinions, have to carefully hide their true intentions as they are part of the system of political parties and tycoons. These groups use talk of the French Revolution to pressure and threaten the establishment, but their true goals are more likely political pressure and control of government.

The cartoonist ridicules Piyabutr’s pantomime of outrage as he dares not show his real intention or be as brave as the students activists.]

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