Brave Apiwan has died


From Thairath, October 9, 2014
Text at top right: The democratic heart is still alive.
Brave Apiwan has already died. He said goodbye to all his friends on 6 October. Even though he passed away, his democratic heart is still with us.
Written by MP Sunai Julpongsthon
Mouse: Rest in Peace
On wreath: People who love democracy
On Apiwan’s shirt: Democracy
Sign on his statue: Apiwan Wiriyachai
[Refers to former Pheu Thai MP Apiwan Wiriyachai who died while in exile while fleeing lese majeste charges after the coup. He was an outspoken supporter of Thaksin and the Red Shirt movement. He left the country after the military took the power in May 2014.]

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One Response to Brave Apiwan has died

  1. Wiz says:

    ASTV and PAD mockery toward Thepthueak after he has become too docile toward Junta who refuses to do anything in their favors – better be careful as this propaganda by ASTV- UDD mouthpiece can cause the waste on 7 month struggle of PDRC – ASTV just follow the 7 propaganda tactics for mass mobilizations

    1. Personal attacks against Phra Thepthueak, Buddha Isara and Big Too – even digging dirt to smear while using mumbo jumbo out of their enemies

    2. Lying myriads of times, it will turn lies into truths to the point that Buddha Isara no longer want to associate with energy activists – as the bargains for NLA seats as well as reform council – not to the case of smear against Big Too

    3. Making big lies (of the big half truth-half lies for better conceal) so often as people can be fooled with big lies than small lies which can be easily detected – case of point is CSI LA investigation on Koh Tao murdering and the way to make Burmese convict to change their words by UDD lawyers. Better use DNA evidence. Another case is the case of accusing the new concession of oil and natural gas as the sellout of the nation despite of the fact that the mixed system have applied including MTJDA system for Thai-Malay natural gas on JDA zone so long the Petroleum act of BE 2514 has not been amended yet

    4. Name calls – to smear against their enemies while make them look better – that’s exact those anti monarchy malcontents, Thailanders in exile, and UDD leaders who have obsessively use Ammart to go against their enemies while using Heroes to make themselves better than they actually are. – ONLY 1000 UDD men came to the cremation of the passing Colonel Romanov instead of 50,000 UDD men despite of payment of 500 Baht. Another case of Smearing against Junta in Milano until the movement have been unmasked.

    5. US vs Them to play Black and White – ONLY those who take side with UDD men or ASTV are “US” anyone else are “Them” despite of the fact that way they talk is very opposite of what they are doing. Same case those anti monarchy malcontents, New Serithai, Thailanders in exile, and UDD leaders to smear against the real Royalists while trying to elevate themselves as liberators despite of the fact that their real status as the real ones who suppress those poor UDD men. For the case of ASTV, their smear against Buddha Isara, Thepthueak and Big Too who simply disagree with the energy reforms according to energy activists. They have forgotten that 5000 Baht fee alone have filled up the depleted coffers.

    6. trying to make them look better by claiming that ONLY their groups have followed His majesty’s works (for ASTV) – or raising Yinglux as princess Lanna despite of thre fact that the Shinnawatra clam are not the Na Chiangmai or even raise the status for Ai Maew as Gandhi – anybody else who disagree with them are crimes. The current fighting of Ai Too vs Ai Chaloem to keep the attention of UDD mass .. they even raising the prospect of constitution drafting to eliminate 220 PT men and 308 ex PT men and the senators out politcal arena

    Even ASTV no longer care about Phra Viharn as it is no longer viable issue – not to mention about the prosecution against those who cheat the rice pledge as Anti Corruption going to file the case in Nov 2014 which is going to use the precedent of 46 billion Baht asset confiscation – so UDD men as well as ASTV and energy activists are attacking Junta on energy issue ….

    7. trying to control the information flow in their favors – with red herrings to distract along with meandering while passing a buck to TV once they have been raised the suspects. They even have a nerve to distort the explanation to make the information in favor. Case of point is Jeh Yupha – Post Today, Matichon, Khao Sod and Ai Sorayuth – even ASTV also practices this kind of media crimes.

    ASTV – UDD propanda mouthpieces even raise the issue of deteriorating railways by claiming that there is no further development since the day of King Chulalongkorn despite of the fact that the sign of deterioration is but once they have come up with 10-year development from regular budget with more focus on rails, they just simply coming up with complain that it is not enough – want another version of 2 trillion Baht loan but once Big Too and Big Jin coming with up with their own version of 2 trillions to meet the endless demands ASTV – UDD propanda mouthpieces still either mocking for the cutting down the speed of the rails that connect to China from 250-350 kph to 160-180 kph along with all other shortcomings such as taking too long period to or keep complaining that 2-3 trillion Baht version is not the same as the one rejected by constitution court according to UDD mouthpieces

    No wonder the demands for media reforms by FORCES are louder as people are fed up with such media – even social media cannot escape from the demands for media reforms.

    ASTV – UDD leaders and mouthpieces just do anything to be on victor sides – and the upcoming election are going to use Vote No to get cheaper energy – They have forgotten that prices of energy always gone up – better use alum to separate clean water out of muddy water – plan for hundred year requite new education – plan for 10 year grow the tree and plan for year to year glow rice … even raising the oil and gas, the prices still cheaper – the protest against Potash mines in Udonthani has caused National Fertilizer to collapse – causing farmers to pay high prices of fertilizers from monopolistic fertilizer sellers – that how corrupt those NGOs have become – even today those activists just getting fat with money from those vested interests without helping farmers to save the cost of productions – the real loss of opportunity by those who get rich by joining demonstration …

    So Army men will find the way to deal with them so long those activists have found no better alternative that Army men – want to live in prison cells just like those Hongkong Mobs that wreck the economics of Hongkong?

    Let’s what going to happen on 27 October 2014 as they are going to storm admin court to go against Junta and another storm at RTA HQ on 29 October 2014 before heading to government complex. Expect the military reprisal against UDD men and other activists.

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