Boss and Flunkey… They’re both insane

From Manager, May 15, 2013
Thaksin Shinawatra: I am King Mool Muang… And you, who are you, Plod?
[“King Mool Muang” is the name of a historical royal figure. In northern folklore, he was the king of the Lanna Kingdom. Some of Thaksin’s supporters claim he is the reincarnation of King Mool Muang. This stems from a ceremony that was arranged by his supporters to wash his karma (to enable Thaksin to have good luck and return to power again). During the ceremony the medium claimed that Thaksin was King Mool Muang in his last life. Showing Thaksin as a royal figure–employed by both his supporters and detractors–is meant to indicate he has power aspirations beyond simply being a normal politician and explain why he and his supporters have been hostile to Thailand’s monarchy.]

Plodprasop Suratsawadi: I am King Meng Rai
Caption: Boss-Flunkey… They’re both insane.
[The Deputy Prime Minister, Plodprasop Suratsawadi, dressed up as King Meng Rai to promote his water management plan at the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit in Chiang Mai on May 18. This highly unusual act was ridiculed and denounced as a sign of Plodprasop’s hubris, if not insanity.
Plodprasop is know for his intemperate and odd remarks. At the same event, Plodprasop labeled green activists “garbage” and threatened them with summary arrest.]

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