Boredom, availability lead to 2nd wives: survey

Boredom, availability lead to 2nd wives: survey - Bangkok Post, December 7, 2010
...Most husbands took on minor wives because other women were readily available and they got tired of their first wife "going to pot and nagging them all the time," according to researchers from Ramathibodi Hospital.
...The main reason for philandering cited by the male respondents was opportunities and close proximity to other women at 58.2 per cent. Other reasons were getting bored with their wife due to overfamiliarity from living together for a long time (48.2 per cent), the wife's behaviour such as drinking, gambling, nagging or being aggressive (42.7 per cent) and the wife not taking care of her looks and getting fat (42 per cent).
The women said they thought men found minor wives because they were insatiable (77.8 per cent) and they were in a tempting environment surrounded by other women (73.4 per cent)...
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