Boonsong in prison

From Naewna, September 6, 2017
Left: Why didn’t Boonsud open his month and why did he agree to be in jail for them… why?
Right: Because if I opened my month since the beginning, I might not survive until the day I was jailed. [meaning, had Boonsong spoken frankly about the graft in the rice program and that it was ordered by Thaksin himself, he would have been killed long before he was sent to jail]

[The man is Pheu Thai Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom now in jail due to the Pheu Thai’s rice pledging scheme.
The cartoonist jokes with his name, calling him “Boonsud”–“sud” meaning “declining” to refer to his strange silence over who compelled him to lie about the government-to-government rice deals.
According to former Pheu Thai Party leader Suranand Vejjajiva’s message posted on Facebook, he tried to ask Boonsong about this, but Boonsong would not say anything.
It was universally understood that Thaksin himself set Pheu Thai government policy and directly managed cabinet members so many are surprised that Boonsong quietly accepted the long prison term and took all the blame himself.
With so many people feeling betrayed by Yingluck’s surprise exile on the same day Boonsong was sentenced, Suranand’s Facebook message about Boonsong’s silence seems to be meant to allow Boonsong to save face as it implies Boonsong was under threat to maintain his silence and not implicate any of the Shinawatras.]

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