Books that prime ministers recommend

From Thairath, March 31, 2018
Title: The PM, who loves to read, recommends a book
On the chair on the left: PM from the people
Words close to the chair: Past 2544-2549 [the years, 2001-2006, Thakisn served as PM]
On the book held by Thaksin: “As the future catches you” [this is a bestseller about change and the future recommended by Thaksin]
On the chair on the right: PM from a coup
Words close to the chair: Present 2557-2561 [the years, 2014-2018, Prayuth has served as PM]
PM Prayuth thinks: At the tavern, it is full of a smoke of sake making…
On the book: Jindamanee version King Borommakot
Phi Nooring: Vision is totally different.
Mouse: A frog in the past.

[Refers to different recommended books suggested by Thai leaders. In the cartoon, Thaksin recommends a book encouraging people to think about the future.
PM Prayuth however, encourages people to read “Jindamanee,” the first Thai textbook launched long ago during the Ayutthaya period.
Thaksin sits in a modern or international way, wearing a business suit and sitting on a chair while PM Prayuth wears traditional clothing and sits on the floor in a slightly fey manner recalling the subservient style of the past.
“A frog in the past” is from the Thai proverb “a frog in the coconut’s shell” meaning someone with a small view of the world who thinks they know what the whole world is like. Junta supporters are often derided as “a frog in the coconut’s shell.” Here, Prayuth himself is a “frog” who is stuff with the ideas of the past.
This cartoon is an interesting challenge to the major trends of the day. At present, wearing traditional clothing, reading “Jindamanee,” and harking back to the styles of the past are in vogue.]

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