Bomb at the Wongsuwan Room: Weekly News Magazines, May-June, 2017

From Nation Weekend, May 26, 2017
Main cover reads: A mastermind’s name ‘power.’
[Refers to the bomb attack at the military-operated hospital Phramongkutklao Hospital which caused 20 injuries.
The cause of the attack is thought to be related with politics as it occurred during on the third anniversary of the coup and the bomb was left in the Wongsuwan Room reserved for VIP patients and guests. The room bears the family name of General Prawit Wongsuwan, who, as Defence Minister, is in charge of the country’s security and he is known as the most influential person in the junta.]

From Manager Weekly, May 27-June 2, 2017
Main cover reads: Announcement for a missing person

[This is also about the bomb attack at a military-operated hospital. “The missing person” refers to the sought-after bomber as well as Deputy PM Prawit who had not been seen in public for some time.]

Top: Blue network “Wongthanong-Vinij’ invading the media business. Open ‘The Standard’ after saying goodbye to a day.

[The men from left to right: Vinij Lertratanachai and Wongthanong Chainarongsingha. Refers to the ‘The Standard’ co-founded by a famous former DJ and businessman Vinij Lertratanachai and former founder of the famous teen magazine “A Day,” Wongthanong Chainarongsingha. Wongthanong just left ‘A Day’ due to the controversial sell off of the company’s stocks.]

Bottom left: After ‘Thai Airways’ let ‘Nok Air’ go. Keep an eye on ‘Patee-Churangkul-Singpore’s funding’
[Refers to Thai Airways, the main shareholders of the domestic airline Nok Air under CEO Patee Sarasin, deciding to reduce their stake in Nok Air. Another well-known business group–Chrangkul–and Singapore investors bought the stake to replace Thai Airways.]

Right: Illegal cars sold in Paragon, a paradise of ‘niche cars,’ Grey market, jointly raise the prices unfairly
[Refers to the sale of luxury cars in Bangkok–including Siam Paragon–which are thought to have been illegally imported to avoid taxes.]

From Lokwannee, June 3-9, 2017
Main cover reads: No 4.0, Who will be the next PM. (you can answer not more than 4)
a. Big Tu
b. Uncle Tu
c. Uncle Tu
d. Brother Tu
[Junta leader and current Thai Prime Minster is Gen. Prayuth whose nickname is “Tu.” While the military promises elections soon, the new constitution is believed to be a tool for the junta to expand their power over the elected MPs. The junta has pushed a “Thailand 4.0” strategy to move the country to become the digital economy.
The joke is that the next prime minister is sure to be Gen. Prayuth again as the rules the military have enacted can be manipulated to ensure he remains PM.]

From Matichon Weekly, May 26-June 1, 2017
Main cover reads: Shaking Wongsuwan
Sign above the door: Wongsuwan room
Cartoon boy at bottom: ‘Submarine’ Please come and help

[Refers to the bomb attack at military’s hospital Phramongkutklao Hospital causing 20 injuries. The bomb came on the junta’s 3rd anniversary of 2014 coup. The cover notes how the incident is meant to target (“shake”) Deputy PM Prawit who at the center of political power in Thailand.
The cartoon boy references the military’s controversial submarine deal that has been strongly criticized.]

Top right: Poo-Yingluck asks for a promise of the ‘NCPO.’ 3 years should not be nothing
[Refers to Yingluck’s Facebook post, posted on the eve of the coup’s thrid anniversary, calling on the National Council for Peace and Order (the junta) to govern and reform the country as their promised or the coup would be wasted.]

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