Blowback: The Dangerous White Crow


[These are some of the images on social media condemning the actions new U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Glyn T. Davies. In the week before the King’s birthday celebrations, the ambassador criticized lese majeste prosecutions. This, along with calls for a quick return to elections, has led to many conspiracy theories among Thais about what the U.S. really intends in Thailand. Since quick elections would inevitably return Thaksin to power once again and Thaksin has been condemned as a very undemocratic leader by his opponents, some suspect the U.S. wishes a Thaksin government in power to advance its own interests in the region.]

Title: White crow
There is a ‘white crow’ with a long mouth coming to the land
Flying far from the winterland
We used to think that it was our long friend
But then we knew what it thought
Now we know that ‘eagle’ or ‘crow’
Support some people destroying
By using a democracy as an excuse
Pretend to care, but to destroy Thailand
The ‘white crow’ intervenes and destroys many countries
Causing violence in many places
Excusing the right and wrong, human rights
The world is now realizing its game
But Thailand has been united
To use this plan is very difficult
Thailand is in harmony
Because we have a king
Bad people destroy the king
But the white crow helps those people to escape
The white crow has been intervening for so long
But now people have been aware of it

On logo: Phee Kon Dee
[Phee Kon Dee is the pseudonym of a famous political commenter on social media.]


Title: America has malice towards Thailand
[blue] King is the nation. The nation is the king. Both can’t be separated. Article 112 is used to protect the royal family, but the US ambassador wants to dismiss Article 112 to open the way for people to destroy the king. This is like having malice to the King as well as to Thailand. Since Glyn is the US representative, then it means that the US also has malice towards Thailand.

[The man in the picture is US ambassador to Thailand Glyn T. Davies.]


Title: Reasons that I didn’t join the protest against the US ambassador
On 27 Nov 58???

  1. I want an impolite US ambassador to……..
  2. I need to….
  3. Destroying the royal family can happen by….
  4. The status of a royal family-destroying network is …..
  5. I would like to inform you that…..

(Please put in the details by yourself.)

[We’re not sure of the joke here…]

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One Response to Blowback: The Dangerous White Crow

  1. Wiz says:

    Reasons that I didn’t join the protest against the US ambassador On 27 Nov 58???

    Well, this is the way Moh Rianthong wants to attack US ambassador but just making a self censor and let the readers fill the blanks as they wish.

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