Blow the whistle!

From Thairath, August 5, 2013
Cartoon title: The PM wants to start counting one, but the opposing groups count backward
Sign carried by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra reads: Political reform, country development
Sign carried by man behind Yingluck reads: Amnesty, restore justice to Thai society
[Blowing the skull-shaped whistle is former deputy prime minister and Democrat Party’s MP, Suthep Thuagsuban.]
Noise from whistle blown: Incite a mob outside the Parliament, try to overthrow the government, overturn the 100 deaths case [referring to deaths during the Red Shirt protests in 2010]
Banner on head of left man under the platform reads: PAD [People Alliance for Democracy. Man in the middle wearing a white mask represents the V for Thailand group.]
Banner on head of right man under the platform reads: Freezing [referring to the Pithak Siam movement led Gen. Boonlert Kaewprasit, retired army officer to once mentioned that he wanted to temporarily freeze Thai politics and set up an appointed government to clean up the country’s politics, especially corruption.]
Phi Nooring: Toward decline
Mouse: Advancement obstructing people
[“Blowing a whistle” can simply mean a signal to start doing something, but in the Thai context of protest it can mean more. In the Thai world where protest is seen as a last shameful resort (as opposed to an admirable part of free speech), to “blow a whistle” brings to mind a Thai “big man” who threatens an angry response to an untenable situation. The whistle is an alert to all sides that an impasse has been reached and thus open protest is the only avenue left available.]

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