Bloomberg: Thai Court Bans Use of Violence Against Protesters After Clashes

Thai Court Bans Use of Violence Against Protesters After Clashes – Bloomberg, February 20, 2014

Chalerm asks Civil Court judges to clarify ruling – ThaiPBS, February 20, 2014
…He then recalled the days when he was justice minister and had done many things beneficial to the judges.
He said he was not asking for a debt of gratitude from the court but he just wanted to have clarification.
He also said that this country does not belong only to the court but all the people and that the people should know equally.

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4 Responses to Bloomberg: Thai Court Bans Use of Violence Against Protesters After Clashes

  1. Wiz says:

    Civil court has rendered Emergency decree toothless, effective on 19 Feb 2014

    Civil Court said – Emergency decree still goes on with the condition that no suppression against PDRC demonstrators – Ai Chaloem giving a gratitude first before being upset

    19 Feb 2014 – the popcorn for those police in black – 5 death 68 injured at Phan Fah bridge and then in the afternoon CMPO of Ai Chaloem seninng men in black to stom PDRC at ministry of interior,
    compelling PDRC to use BMTA bus to block police while Army men from MoD telling UDD men not to come closed to MoD – with security guards from 1st division
    the arrest of PDRC and KPT at Ministry of energy 138 out of 140 being bailed out while the other 2 still waiting for bail clearance

    Civil court said “the emergency decree would not be revoked but it has been restricted with 9 conditions”

    1. the previous annoucements are being nullifed and void.
    2. no longer using any weapons to suippress demonstrators
    3. no right to confisticate food, medicines, chemical and belongings
    4. no demolishing of bunkers and checkpoint along with defense line traffic obstruction
    5. the freedom of movement

    For the battle of fortune teller, Ai Maew has ordered the movement of Government House shrine from the front of Thai Khoo Fa Building (AKA Kraisorn building) to the left – casuing his downfall by coup … so Ai Maew has used black magic to ruin the country including come to pilgrim holy sites at many place … during Bloody May 2010, UDD men have brought UDD Brahmin from Nakhon Sritammaraj to pour the blood on gates as a cross and the put feet soaked with boood on Gate 1 and Gate 2 of Kraisorn building to allow Ai Maew to come back to government house while put jinx on Royal family who are going to pass Gate 1 and Gate 2 — This kind of cursing His and her majesty has been well known to the point that they urgently use the white magic to suppress this black magic immediately

    For the case of Burmese astrologer, he has told Ai maew and PT men that Yinglux must come to Government house by 19 Feb 2014 to perform black magic on 24-inch golden brahmin at the top of Thai Khoo Fah (Kraisorn) building by turning this image into red – if failed, she is doomed to step down and with the risk to be cut down the whole line and Ai Maew will never be able to come back to Thailand until he has become ash in the urn. Therefore, Ai Maew ordered Ai Chaloem to move forward in full speed to suppress PDRC in full force -with a payment of 1 billion Baht and PM police if he could this down and dirty job successfully

    Ai Chaloem and CMPO leaders have given oral order to those police to suppress people on 18 feb 2014 – 5 death and almost 70 injured – Now, Ai Plueng just abandon those police by telling the press that Yinglux has nothing to do with the suppression while passing a buck to Ai Chaloem and then Ai Chaloem has passed a buck that he never signed the order at all while Big oo said he has never signed the order either — abandoning those police after there are dead and injury despite of the fact they have given an oral order to them and they follow such a king of order. This means those poor 10000 police will have to bear the blunt from the order of their superior.

    There are 4 cases to deal with
    1. Criminal cases: if persecutors refusing to do the jobs, the injured and the kinsmen of the fallen are going to send ther case to legal time to the criminal court judges – using the record of daily allowance as the list – using war rifles and pistols along with hand grenades – hard crime which may force Dept of Corrections to build more prison for thousands of police officers.

    2-3. Administration case: filing the case to Admin court judge immediately – using violence suppression without reason – compensation … just like the case of police has to pay compensation 1000000 Baht plus interest for the case of protest against Thai-Maly pipeline at JB Hotel hatyai (Hansa JB Hotel hatyai) along with the case of damaged properties as in case of 31 Jan 2014

    4. bureaucrat case: Senators will raise the case to Anti corruption to send thousands of police – likely to end their careers and police. –
    Excessive suppression of Emergency action not allow armed force nad police to use excessive force

    Worse still, the suppression does not goes step by step – no high pressure water, no high frequency van – using the war weapon to kill as many demonstrators as possible as the way to justify martial war in Ai Maew favor. The price to pay for following such a kind of order is the massive purge of police as PT men and police top brasses have betrayed them … expect the reprisal from those police very soon.

    Worse still, after abandoning those men in black, people become increasingly outraged toward PT men while Armed force men no longer support PT government by letting the cases against them – including LM Charge – only way for men black to survive is the bloody reprisal against PT men – and shinnawatra clan are the target for reprisal by assassination.

    After Ai Chaloem and CMPO have learnt the court decision, Ai Chaloem mobilize the encicle of Civil Court – and ask them to explain instead of sending this issue to appeal court and mobilize the shutdown
    of the court by UDD men – expect Ai Chaloem and CMPO to be summoned that they have hold court in contempt

  2. Wiz says:

    1. Ai Maew in Dubai – discussing about the future after their plans have been folded
    2. Judges of Criminal court allow the bail of Moh Rawee (KPT leader) and KPT men despite of the protest from police
    3. Judges of Nonthaburi issuing the arrest warrant against People democracy radio led by Ai Sornrak malaithing, Ai Waranchai after
    anti corruption board has filed the case after being encircled while taking a judgement on rice pledge scandals against Yinglux and
    PT-UDD men
    4. Civil Court Judges have rendered Emergency decree toothless.
    5. Judges of Admin court accept the lawsuits by farmers against MoC to compensate the case of rice pledge payment delays by issuing
    the certificate instead
    6. Now, Yinglux has to hide herself from being hunted down by angry farmers and PDRC and make a press conference along with
    adminstration via FaceBook
    7. After the loss of the Phan Fah showdown on 18 Feb, CMPO has been broken and wrecked – pasing a buck and the news leaking
    not to mention about daily arguments and confusing order
    – AI Chaloem, Big Oo, Big Yoy, Ai Tharit, Big Jazz shocked after 5 death + 68 injurred – the claim of red corss has been discredited
    by Thai red Cross – so they have to abandoned those police – some CMPO leaders are going to run away but Army men prevent
    them to do so. For Ai Tharit, he has to hire barber to cut his hair in the loo because he does not want to risk himself with
    assasins’ bullets along with the bullets from an angry police who has learnt that his wife (Ms. Kai of Seranee Park Village,
    Nawong Pracha Phatthana road, Sikan commune, Donmueang, BKK) has become a mistress of Ai Tharit and the 11-month daughter
    is the seed of Ai Tharit. Ai Tharit also giving the new car a;long with 4-5 bodyguards …

    8. results after rendering Emergency decree toothless are that
    – Yinglux, Ai CHaloem, Big Oo are now in trouble with civil court – have to pay heavy prices of compensation. Worse, they have
    dragged those Metropolitan police lead by Big Jazz who guard Government House, provincial police from Chonburi led by Pol Gen
    Kawee, and provincial police from Sa Kaew led by Pol Gen Yote from Sa kaew who cause Showdown of Phan Fah and those from
    5th region who trash PDRC and KPT at ministry of eneregy along with Aritharaj 26 and Naresuan 261 men in troubles with article 17
    of Emergency Decree Act. No further need for investigation due to the interview of Ai chaloem. Article 288, 289, 295 and 297 of
    Criminal code are applied to them – Prison cells along with Article 157 which means gallows or Bangkwang Prison.
    Worse is the compensation + 7.5% interests – paid from pension funds – ONLY those 5th column within PDRC will be eyewithnesses.
    This has forced other police to hunt down Yinglux, ai chaloem and Big Oo along with many thugs in khaki or they will be kicked out.

    This is the end of political cureer of Ai chaloem – may need to bring his sons to escape the reprisals.

    9. UDD mobilization for another round – UDD gun men hidden among farmers – planning another showdown against PDRC started with
    80 UDD leaders party on Saturday 22 Feb 2014 and mobilization of 4000 UDD men to burn down BKK at HM stadium on SUnday
    23 Feb 2014 – If they want to go – pay 2000 Baht per head a day + vehicle fees – otherwise, don’t go.

    Now, NSC has been split – faction of Seh Maew vs the majority who have withdrawn the support and become spies for Armed Forces
    Furthermore, Ai Maew have to pay extra 1 billion Baht fee for bodyguard teams of Yinglux – using elite forces of Police – other
    than the one under control of Big Jazz and Ai Chaloem in CMPO since he never wants to see bodyguard betrayal that lead to the
    assasination of Yinglux. If Yinglux, Ai Chaloem and Big Oo along with police in CMPO decided to mobilize UDD men to confront with
    PDRC, martial law ensued with authority to send those UDD hard core into crematorium. ONLY those who surrender will be disarmed
    while those who fight will allow the killing with legal protection. Now even Ai CHaloem and police top brasses order the liquidation of
    those police snipers from Aritharaj 26 and Naresuan 261 to prevent these elite units to become eyewithnesses.

    It is just a matter of time when those police top brasses who joint CMPO will be sacked en masses without pension – some even
    face either gallows or prison cells. Now, we know that the soccer field of Yinglux’s house at Yothin Phatthana 3 has been converted
    helicopter launching pad – with 2 standby helicopters, one is Bell from aviation section and the otehr is EC 135 of private sector.
    the whole cabinet planning to set up the government in exile – Now Chiang mai and Chiang rai border have been blocked while
    Chao Yod Suek of SSA is ready to hunt down Yinglux and her cabinet as he has learnt that here cahbinet going to cut down the budget
    for SSA. Isan border and Burmese border now planning ammo ready to arrest them – Navy men and marines are now guarding
    around Cambodia border – and moving to the South means the reprisal from Thepthueak’s men in PDRC.

    Now, farmers and PDRC-KPT must be ready – using bottles to trap the net shooters, retreat never confront with thugs in Khaki –
    take a cover – asthe popcorn are coming out to cut down those police – even snipers of Aritharaj 26 and Naresuan 261 will be
    cut down as well. Even donmueang and Suvannabhum are under RTAF men – those who nab Yinglux first will be rewarded with
    promotion. If they are trying to fly out – the Anti aviation missiles are going to make them either exploded in the air or fall down
    into heaps of flesh – get the funeral chant of Kussaladhamma – Akussaladhamma”.

  3. Wiz says:

    Commander Taem with black ears asking fellow police to do the right things!!-%E0%B8%A2%E0%B8%B7%E0%B8%99%E0%B8%82%E0%B9%89%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%87%E0%B8%9B%E0%B8%8A%E0%B8%8A-%E0%B9%80%E0%B8%A5%E0%B8%B4%E0%B8%81%E0%B8%AD%E0%B8%B4%E0%B8%87%E0%B9%81%E0%B8%AD%E0%B8%9A%E0%B8%99%E0%B8%B1%E0%B8%81%E0%B8%81%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%A3%E0%B9%80%E0%B8%A1%E0%B8%B7%E0%B8%AD%E0%B8%87.html

    Commander Taem (AKA the cop with black ears) Pol Gen Wasit and Sunthorn setting up PDRC Police faction – Let’s see whether PDRC police is a reality

    Pol Col Krailoed – a few Good police who defied government order to suppress people – even PDRC felt impressed

    Pol Maj Gen Winai Sankhaphai and his men are going to become PDRC police?

    Big Abdul telling police not to listen to the order from CMPO – the crack within CMPO appears

  4. Wiz says:

    After CMPO has been rendered toothless, Big Pae has been asked to run CMPO after Ai Chaloem has been outlived his usefulness – Many Muslim still never forgive Big pae for both Krue Seh showdown on 28 April 2004 and Takbai tragedy in October 2004 – this mean Big Pae will end up like Seh Daeng

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