2007: YouTube blocked in Thailand

Above: YouTube officially blocked again.

YouTube blocked again - April 4, 2007
A thread about this is here.

YouTube offers to 'educate' Thai authorities about site - The Nation, April 7, 2007
..."Minister Sitthichai reported that his government is inflexible on the blocking of individual objectionable videos, and that the ministry's technical people have difficulty understanding how to block individual videos," she said in an email to AFP.
"While we will not take down videos that do not violate our policies, and will not assist in implementing censorship, we have offered to educate the Thai ministry about YouTube and how it works," she said.
...The site, accessed from Bangkok through a foreign server, now has seven clips mocking the monarch...

New Thai king clips on YouTube - CNN, April 6, 2007

Thailand criticised for blocking YouTube - AFP, April 5, 2007

...The decision to ban YouTube received little coverage in Thai media, which generally avoid reporting anything controversial about the king, but generated intense debate in online chatrooms...

[AFP gets it very wrong. News of the YouTube blocking was in all the Thai newspapers Thursday and on all the Thai-language TV channels first thing on Thursday morning. If AFP paid attention to the Thai-language world they should have know this by Thursday afternoon when the article was posted]

..."There is a growing spectre of intolerance toward web-based media as a whole. The Internet is vulnerable in Thailand, and not just when it comes to material pertaining to the king," it said...

[The quotes in this article also add little to explain what is going on. These internet incidents are part of a concerted series of provocations. The government has to tread carefully to be seen as doing its duty to protect the honor of the country, but not overreact in terms of giving the opposition a rallying point that attracts the sympathy of the public. In coming months Thailand has a new draft constitution, party dissolutions, and corruption cases against some of the most powerful people in the nation. There is much to lose and much to protest against.]

Thailand blocks YouTube website for file on the monarchy - TNA, April 5, 2007

YouTube video, user disappear - Bangkok Post, April 5, 2007

Disrespect for monarchy a direct attack on heart of nation - The Nation, April 6, 2007
...Now, remnants of the previous regime still openly challenge the monarchy. They have set up www.tmctoday.com to mobilise a signature campaign appealing to His Majesty to dismiss Prem, who they allege to be the mastermind behind the coup. This campaign clearly shows disrespect toward His Majesty. Again, the police have been slow to react...

Thailand blocks YouTube over mocking video - FT, April 4, 2007

YouTube disappears from Thai Internet - Bangkok Post, April 4, 2007
...Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom, the minister of information and communication technology, told the Reuters news agency he personally ordered a block of the entire site from Thailand after the ministry's attempts to block the offending page last week failed.
"Since Google (which owns YouTube) has rejected our repeated requests to withdraw the clip, we can't help blocking the entire site in Thailand," said Mr Sitthichai. "When they decide to withdraw the clip, we will withdraw the ban," he said...

YouTube blocked because of clip 'offensive to monarchy' - The Nation, April 5, 2007

Getting a clearer picture of YouTube block - Bangkok Post, April 4, 2007
...Incidentally, rumours are that the MICT once commissioned a major university years ago to build a session hijacking system, though nobody today seems to be willing to confirm its existence.
...Firefox and Mozilla users can install a plugin, live HTTP headers from livehttpheaders.mozdev.org. This will, as its name suggests, show the actual HTTP dialogue between the browser and server in real time. What this means is that, if it is redirected via the HTTP 301 redirect message or communicating with a server it should not be talking to, it will be made clear to see...

ICT ministry to shut down controversial websites - Bangkok Post, April 4, 2007
The Information and Communications Technology Ministry has ordered staff to shut down any websites deemed to be violating the orders issued by the leaders of the Sept 19 coup. ICT Minister Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom said the ministry had the authority to block any websites considered to have committed lese majeste or seen as a threat to national security...

More on Website censorship in Thailand

YouTube blocked in Thailand - March 10, 2007

March 10, 2007 - When attempting to reach the YouTube site from within Thailand, the user is redirected to MICT. MICT is the government agency responsible for censoring the internet in Thailand. The reasons and criteria for blocking are usually not made public. In the past, if the resulting controversy over a certain blocking is too great, the blocked site comes back online and the government denies it was ever blocked at all.
Update: The site appears reachable if "www" is omitted in the url.
Update: 12 noon, March 10 - YouTube does not seem to be blocked now.
A thread on this subject is here.

YouTube blocked in Thailand now? - BoingBoing, March 10, 2007

Report on website censorship in Thailand - This has not been updated since the coup, but it gives an explanation behind the mindset and motives behind web blocking in Thailand (from the 2Braa.com site)

Website blocking in Thailand - a collection of past reports of web blocking

Thai users blocked from YouTube site - Bangkok Post, March 14, 2007
Authorities in Thailand temporarily blocked video sharing service YouTube on Friday and Saturday, though it remains unclear who did the blocking and why...
The HTTP response said that the server was running Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) with the modhwforward10 module. Such a module does not officially exist. This peculiar fingerprint has been seen in the past when web sites critical of the government are blocked and suddenly go offline...

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