Black May for Dhammakaya temple?

From Thairath, February 23, 2017
Title: May I ask for alms, please.
On the monk’s yellow robe: Dhammakaya temple
On a military’s hand: Article 44 [holding the arm of the news media meaning they are controlling infomation]
On man’s hand: A mission of IO.
Phi Nooring: Models of 6 Oct 19 and May 53…
Mouse: People who love sadism.

[Refers the junta’s attempt to arrest Dhammakaya temple’s abbot Dhammachayo and controlling information by the Information Operation (IO). THis has been the claim of Wat Dhammakaya and its followers.
The cartoonist implies that this is leading to a mass killing of monks at the temple like previous political incidents of October 6, 1976 and Black May in 1992 when the military gunned down protesters.]

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