Bitter men

From Manager, November 17, 2020
Preecha: Lottery was mine… Pol. Lt. Jaroon stole it.
Thanathorn: Democracy was mine… Prayuth stole it.
Caption: Old stubborn men
Trump: The president’s seat is mine… Biden cheated.
Caption: …new stubborn [man].

[Refers to those who lost in their legal fights and were bitter afterwards.
Precha were arrested in Kanchanaburi on charges of filing false information with police, claiming that a set of five winning tickets from the November 1 drawing belonged to him, and accused retired officer Pol. Lt. Jaroon Wimool of theft. Disputes over lottery tickets like this are not uncommon.
Thanathorn was disappointed after being disqualified as an MP and having his party disbanded.
The cartoonist adds Trump to these men as Trump also remains bitter from his election loss.
The point of this cartoon is to equate Thanathorn to other “bitter losers” and imply that the current season of political unrest is due to his seeking revenge on the present government.]

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