Rhino from Bangkok earns its living in Buriram

From Manager, December 18, 2013
Left caption: Elephant from Buriram earns its living in Bangkok
Mahout: Please buy food for the elephant. [this refers to the beggar elephants that periodically appear in Bangkok soliciting donations from city residents]
Right caption: Rhino from Bangkok earns its living in Buriram
Rhino’s guard: Please buy roses for the rhino
[Rhino is pronounced “raed” in Thai which also means “slutty” (not “bitchy” as we earlier posted – thanks to Qualtrough for pointing this out). Red Shirt supporters in the Northeast have taken to giving red roses to show support for Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra who recently traveled to Burirum Province. This cartoon is insulting the Prime Minister Yingluck and referring to her as “slutty.”]

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3 Responses to Rhino from Bangkok earns its living in Buriram

  1. Qualtrough says:

    Back in the day แรด had more of a ‘slut’ connotation, has that changed?

  2. Wiz says:

    Khun Qualtrough, Definitely NOT change – BTW, Rhino generally copulate while they are in the pond -> the origin of the word “Chae Raed”

  3. Qualtrough says:

    Thanks Wiz! A soak in the pond!

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