Big Jiew warned you!


From Thairath, February 27, 2016
Title: Get it out before it’s too late, Big Jiew warned you.
Paper held by Big Jiew [Chavalit Yongjiyut]: Return power to the people.
On the soldier’s neck: Power
On paper held by the soldier: Ask to remain the power 5 more years for this revolution period.
Mouse: flowers or bricks.
Mouse man: This makes enough sorrow.

[Refers to the warning issued by former army commander-in-chief Chavalit Yongjiyut for the junta to step down and hold elections this year. Statements by Chavalit are usually part of any Thaksin PR push and capped off a flurry of Thaksin activity in January and February.]


From Naewna, February 28, 2016
Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwan: Thank you, Big Jiew for your kind advice. You can rest now, we don’t need you anymore.
Caption: The tree stump is already dead.

[Despite Chavalit’s credentials as both commander-in-chief and former prime minister, his frequent forays into the press on Thaksin’s behalf are now widely ridiculed. This is because of his advanced age, his frequent retreats from his pledges, and no follow through at all on any of his threats.
He is frequently lampooned in editorial cartoons, sometimes as a clown, a dead dog, or even a sadist who enjoys public ridicule. More about him here: Dead Dog Chavalit
More cartoons about him here.]

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