Beware Civil war


From Naewna, October 4, 2016
Watthana Mueangsuk (nicknamed Sia Kai): If NCPO still lets the judicial administration [meaning the courts] get to us beware of civil war..!!
On the bomb: Civil war
On the tank: NCPO [the junta]
Caption: The flood is high and it as high as our head. You guys never stop chasing.

[Former Pheu Thai Party MP Watthana Mueangsuk recently threatened the junta with civil war if the courts were allowed to rule against Pheu Thai Party or Red Shirt leaders in court cases.
These threats are similar to the threats the party made right before the coup when it was claimed Pheu Thai members had been armed with four million guns to fight off a coup.
Some interpreted this recent statement as a public message that the Red Shirts were willing to fight if negotiations between the military and Thaksin (rumored to be going on secretly) fail.
The cartoonist jokes that public preoccupation with widespread flooding (and the feelings of blame, nationalism, concern for the displaced it creates) renders threats of civil war useless at this time.
In this context, “you guys never stop chasing” means something like “you die-hard Thaksin supporters never top politicking on his behalf.”]

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