Betrayal Pig


From Manager, December 7, 2015
Abhisit: Betrayal Pig!
Caption: After letting him stay in Bangkok for so long… this pig has not come back to his sty.

[This refers to the deeply divided Democrat Party which is having a feud with Democrat Party member Sukhumphan Boriphat (whose nickname is “pig”). Sukhumphan is the Bangkok Governor, an important post to hold which normally indicates that a party will also dominate the MP elections for Bangkok province.

The Democrat Party has been panicked that Governor Sukhumphan has not appeared effective enough in combating seasonal flooding in Bangkok (The big fat pig blocks the drainpipe). Regular flooding only recently began happening again with a frequency not seen since before Thaksin’s time in power. During the time Thaksin prime minister, he cracked down on inept flood control officials and reformed the flood control system. This seemed to end seasonal flooding in Bangkok for almost a decade.

Now with regular flooding again vexing Bangkok residents, the Democrat Party fears that they will lose the Bangkok governorship in future elections. Bangkok voters have been very unpredictable in voting and have chosen independents (Chaumlong) and even infamous right-wingers (Samak). This gives real hope to Thaksin that someone aligned with his Pheu Thai Party might be able to finally win the post.

Governor Sukhumphan has been known to launch into rants against reporters filled with vulgar expletives during campaign speeches–not unusual for old-style Thai “big men”–but very much out of step with the image that cosmopolitan urbanites in Bangkok expect.

Fears are that a win for a Pheu Thai governor would greatly help the party to win Bangkok MPs and bolster the claim that Bangkok city dwellers back Thaksin and his plans.

Also: Always high-spirited, Thaksin once made the famous claim that he could choose a power pole to run for governor and beat the Democrats.]

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