Benefactions from the government

From Thairath, January 26, 2014
Cartoon title: Benefactions from the government

Top left: Heightening peasants’ status to being aristocrats [Reference is to a number of Red Shirt leaders, including Nutthawut Saikua, Thida Thawornseth, Dr. Weng Tochirakarn and Jatuporn Promphan who employed the term “prai” or peasant to refer to Red Shirt supporters and called the then leaders of the country “ammat” or “aristocrat.” After the Pheu Thai Party won the last election, this group of Red Shirt leaders were awarded with cabinet positions and other high positions, making them the aristocrats which they formerly hated.]

Top middle: Heightening rice farmers’ status to be lenders of the government [referring to the government’s rice mortgage policy which the government has failed to pay to many farmers]

Top right: Making it become clear who damages the country’s tourism industry
On the caveman’s shield: the emergency decree [this is the contention that the government declaring an emergency decree harms tourism more than the anti-government protests]

Top left: Making people see the feeding tube of Lung Kamnan [meaning anti-protest leader Suthep Thuagsuban, dubbed as ‘Lung Kamnan’]
[This refers to the caretaker government alleging that there is a group of people in the business sector who provide financial support to the anti-government protest led by Suthep. The cartoon shows the street protests behind a string with money on it, suggesting that common people’s donations support the protest.]

Bottom middle: Helping people to be able to separate friends from enemies
[“Friends” refer to armed forces (on the right with flowers) while the “enemies” are the police force who are loyal to the Pheu Thai government.]

Bottom right: Help neutralize factions by shirt colors [Refers to Red Shirt groups who were told to start wearing white shirts to protest in favor of the election.]

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