Believe me

From Thairath, November 3, 2013
Cartoon title: Believe me

From top, left: Sacred things do exist in Thailand. Believe me! [what does this refer to?]

Middle: The rice mortgage project doesn’t cause so much loss as you think… Believe me! On coffin: Confidential. Do not open [refers to the unsubstantiated government claims that the rice pledging scheme is not causing massive losses]

Right: China already signed a contract to buy five million tons of Thai rice. Believe me! [refers to a government claim that was widely ridiculed in the press]

Bottom, left: Lazy civil servants can never advance. Believe me! [this refers to the typical patronage system where lazy and incompetent officials are able to advance in rank]

Middle: Borrow 2.2 trillion baht for a bright future. Believe me! [refers to the massive borrowing plans of the government]

Right: Pass the amnesty, and there will be reconciliation. Believe me! [refers to government claims that political peace would be restored with a blanket amnesty for all, on the contrary, it has untied opposition to the government and caused political street protests again]

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