Beleaguered Thai TV host responds to critics of monarchy debate with a poem

Pinyo poem hits back at monarchy debate critics – Bangkok Post, March 23, 2013
For one man, burn the whole building,
chase and burn that man in hate.
Burn one pigeon as an offering.
One sole wish: to topple the state.

Cruelly scheme, agenda hidden,
His name used as a killing tool.
Who loves him: for real, or to fool?
– asks Tob Jote Thailand, hence.

We light the fire to spark insight.
Ignorance blows it out and slander,
crushes, pushes, shoves with all its might.
Or is this Thailand’s answer?

Dead while alive, yet still hunted, chased.
Shameful Thailand has no brave ones.
If you don’t stand up to fight ignorance,
from now on don’t ever raise your head.

Sitting still, I hear a news anchor say
that last night a small pigeon
was shot at every which way,
in the midst of Thailand’s conflict, fallen.

Pinyo Trisuriyadhamma

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3 Responses to Beleaguered Thai TV host responds to critics of monarchy debate with a poem

  1. Wisarut says:

    Weekly commentaries: creating the fake questions by Thai PBS to avoid the really hot issues including
    1) 2.2 trillion Baht loan by coming up with the 4 page act with 19 articles
    2) Constitution amendments to get power back – by dividing and conquering the Senate
    3) Praviharn Issue as the exchange for oil deal with Hun Sen despite of the fact that loss of the land means Army will use FORCES to get back while telling Ai Pueng NOT to allow Sihanuk Telegraph around 1959-62 to leak into public

    Furthermore, we know that the masterminds behind this controversial debate in Thai PBS are those left wing Ai Fatso Phoomtham, Ai Phansak, and Ai Moh Mink telling Ai Pinyo to do this down and dirty job … Ai Pinyo who has written Anti Monarchy articles in Matichon Weekly in 2011.

    Ai Pinyo no longer listen the fact that Monarchy Institute is the venerable institute Thai people will fight to death.
    Ai Pinyo no longer think whether he has put the right persons to make a controversial debate
    Ai Pinyo no longer tell the truth by saying that the little doves have been shot down from all directions after being grilled from all direction.

    Ai Pinyo has done very wrong thing to raise this controversial issue amidst the ideological conflicts instead of raising the issue against the way Yinglux and her men are running the country and the way Democrat are scrutinizing Yinglux which are on public demands.

    Ai Pinyo should never forget the strategies of those left wing around Ai maew who still have totally negative attitude toward Monarchy since they still think that His Majesty is the real thorn in their feet which have destroyed the plan to turn Thailand into socialist regime 40 years ago. This strategy of those left wing around Ai Maew are the way to erode the popularity and veneration of His Majesty

    Furthermore, Ai Pinyo has a cozy relationship with the board of Directors in Matichon Press who happened to be a money slave of Ai Maew and the ex CPT men and have his won column in Matichon Weekly and he has published the collections of his writings in matichon Press.

    In conclusion, Ai Pinyo is nothing but a pawn for those left wing ideologists around Ai Maew and matichon press who set up the network for ex CPT men who hate His majesty.

    No wonder, they have drawn the Royalist attention away from the issue to allow Ai Maew to be back into power … but those who know the real intention cannot be fooled by this shallow strategies.

  2. Wiz says:

    Here is the poem to response to Ai Pinyo along with those who participate in that debate:

    **Khun Pinyo, I don’t believe you’re a real royalist!!
    I want to know how much money you increase!!
    Nowadays capitalism destroys humans.
    Turn them worse beyond ever happened.

    **Your ancestors might jump from the grave.
    They’re shocking of ungratefulness you behave!!
    Stop, stop, stop, don’t insult, it is sympathizing.
    He’s our beloved and sacrificed King.

    **Sor Siwaluk, I don’t believe you’re religious!!
    “An eye for an eye..”, sticks on you, too serious.
    Any time you’ve chance to discredit monarchy, you might.
    Now please repent before having no life.

    **Think whether you’ve donated yourself to the country.
    Why don’t you start do it promptly?
    Say sorry to public as now you’re blamed.
    Thai people forgive willingly if you’re ashamed.

    ++Betrayer is usually an uncomfortable man!!
    Such a guy stays unhappily in good land.
    Thai people remember you from now on.
    And your nastiness is always recalled.

    ++In Thailand, when your children grow up.
    They follow you how to corrupt.
    This land then isn’t suit your family.
    “You all going out” makes Thais happy.

    ++ “Kasian”, a King’s scholar, is dishonest!!
    You act like you’re from the West.
    How can you’re respected by students?
    While your behavior shows unpleasant!!

    ++”Somsak”, you’re so aggressive!!
    Thailand is not good place to live.
    Go back to your motherland.
    And make it more fruitful if you can.

    ++I think nowhere on earth welcomes you.
    Go to hell if you’ve no clue!!
    Thailand is heaven for the rest.
    Long live the King forever in this place.

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