Being Thaksin’s lackey

From Manager, February 8, 2013
Left: I am a Docteur en Droit from France… I had been honored by being appointed president of the National Legislature Assembly at different periods for almost ten times… And at the age of 79, I received the highest honor of a lifetime.
Reporter: What is it, sir?
Right: Dr. Ukris: Being Thaksin’s lackey.
Caption: The highest honor of Dr. Ukris
[Prof. Dr. Ukris Mongkolnawin graduated with a bachelor in laws and sociology from Thammasat University. He furthered his study at the Paris University, France. He finished with a doctoral degree in private law (Docteur en Droit). He was appointed chairman of the National Legislature Assembly several times. The Assembly is a single parliament appointed after each coup d’etat to draft a new constitution. Recently voicing his opinion supporting amnesty act, Dr. Ukris has been criticized for serving the interests of Thaksin Shinawatra.]

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