Being caught by their own traps


From Thairath, October 10, 2014
Title: Being caught by their own traps.
On box held by the police: Asset account for funds supporting intelligence missions
On box held by the military man: Asset account for government funds
On bag held by man in background: Normal rich
On shirt of the man: NLA
Phi Nooring: Set your own traps and then being caught.
A mouse: How did you get the money?

[Refers to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA). All the members including some from the military and the police are required to disclose their assets in order to show their transparency and honesty to the public. This allegedly has raised trepidations among NLA members about having to reveal their assets.]


FromKomchadluek, October 12, 2014
On the bags: Assets
On the sign: Declare the assets

[Refers to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) members who have to declare their assetsin order to show their transparency. Some NLA members come from the military and it is thought that many are extremely wealthy based on their influence peddling over the years.]

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