Before and Now

The cartoon headline reads: Before and Now
From ThaiRath, January 30, 2011
Top left: Before: Car racing
Now: Exchanging gunfire [referring to the activities of delinquent youth at night]

Top middle: Before: Finding love via the internet
Now: Finding abortion pill via the internet
The word on the sign: Emergency [refers to recent revelations that people are buying abortion pills via the internet]

Top right: Before: Selling drugs and going to jail
Now: Going to jail and selling drugs [refers to the trend of convicts running drug selling operations from prison]

Bottom left: Before: Egg is an egg
Now: Egg is a kilo [this refers to the expense of eggs and the government plan to allow them to be sold by the kilo]

Bottom middle: Before: The gang fights by punching
Now: The gang fights by shooting

Bottom right: Before: Releasing fish
Now: Releasing monitor lizards [“Releasing fish” refers to merit-making by releasing fish into water. Monitor lizards are considered a bad omen. Figuratively releasing monitor lizards, especially the opposition attacks in parliament, refers to using speeches to disgrace others and spread bad luck.]

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