Before and After

From Thairath, July 24, 2011
The title reads: Before and After
Top left: Before – MPs greets people [Sawasdee]
After – People greet MPs! [referring to the reverence shown to new Pheu Thai MPs after the election]
Top middle: Before – Every promise to be performed suddenly [meaning during the election the many Pheu Thai promises were promoted are forgone conclusions]
After – Must take action after discussion with every section [meaning after the elections, Yingluck had to qualify the speed of the Pheu Thai promises]
Top right: [Chalerm Yoobamrung says] Before – If my son failed to be MP, I will not take any position [in the government].
After – My speech is merely the vote canvassing strategy [referring to the broken vow of Chalerm not to hold office if his controversial son did not win in the election]
Bottom left: Before – Government allows the labor wages of 300.
After – The employer gives white letter [fires employees]
Bottom right: Before – Being peasant
After – Being aristocrat [meaning the many Red Shirt activists are now behaving like the aristocrats who they formerly protested against]

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2 Responses to Before and After

  1. David Brown says:

    ah the trauma of transition from feudal patronage to democracy…..

    in the feudal system everyone knows and bows to the boss

    in democracy everyone is forced to negotiate on their own merits (if they have any)

  2. Wisarut says:

    Afraid that you are abotu to confront with Feudalism cloked with illiberal democracy

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