Before and After

From Thairath, July 24, 2011
The title reads: Before and After
Top left: Before – MPs greets people [Sawasdee]
After – People greet MPs! [referring to the reverence shown to new Pheu Thai MPs after the election]
Top middle: Before – Every promise to be performed suddenly [meaning during the election the many Pheu Thai promises were promoted are forgone conclusions]
After – Must take action after discussion with every section [meaning after the elections, Yingluck had to qualify the speed of the Pheu Thai promises]
Top right: [Chalerm Yoobamrung says] Before – If my son failed to be MP, I will not take any position [in the government].
After – My speech is merely the vote canvassing strategy [referring to the broken vow of Chalerm not to hold office if his controversial son did not win in the election]
Bottom left: Before – Government allows the labor wages of 300.
After – The employer gives white letter [fires employees]
Bottom right: Before – Being peasant
After – Being aristocrat [meaning the many Red Shirt activists are now behaving like the aristocrats who they formerly protested against]

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