Beckoning the kids to impose the charges

From Thairath, November 27, 2020
Title: Nang Kwak, for harmony and compromise.
On Wissanu’s shoulder-strap: Harmony
On sign held by the protester: Stop threatening people. Too [PM Prayuth] get out.
On sign held by PM Prayuth: Arrest them and impose all charges.
Phi Nooring: ฺBeckoning the kids to impose the charges.
Mouse: True or false.

[Refers to the proposal from the parliament to set up a committee to create reconciliation between the anti-government student protesters and the government.
The cartoon illustrates Deputy PM Wissanu as Nang Kwak, a woman spirit or household divinity of Thai folklore (Deputy PM Wissanu denied that he would be the head of the committee). This spirit has a beckoning arm, which swings back and forth with a palm-down gesture to indicate it is beckoning all the good things to it. In this case, beckoning all parties to participate in this committee.
In Thai style, some one committing a crime in public is not arrested and dragged away on the spot, but paperwork is done and then this person is summoned (sometimes the authorities say “invited”) to the police station so they may be charged. The cartoonist makes a joke that the government reconciliation committee is really beckoning the students to it so that the government can charge them with crimes.]

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