Beating Opponents

From Thairath, June 5, 2019
Title: Cruel power helps support the illegal power [meaning beatings of anti-military activists is used to keep the military in power]
On the man’s shirt who is being beaten: Ja New [an anti-junta activist]
Officer at left: He [Ja New] is not afraid of being charged [for his political activity], so go ahead and hit him on the head… [the officer’s face is hidden to indicate that the authorities are conspiring to levy false charges at anti-military activists; the officer says that since they cannot intimidate Ja New with charges they will have to physically attack him]
On the paper held by him: Giving charges to be jailed
Papers on the floor: [left] Political activist. Democracy [right] Call the senators to stop voting for the PM. Justice.
Phi Nooring: It’s considered as the world’s brutal city.
Mouse: Followers of the dictator.

[Refers to political activist Sirawith Seritiwat (known as Ja New) who was attacked by unknown persons in a probable case of political intimidation.
He and other campaigners called on appointed senators not to vote for Prayuth as the next prime minister. Anti-junta groups believe that the military is behind attacks on political activists.]

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