Be Careful of…

From ThaiRath, March 31, 2011
The cartoon headline: Be Careful

Top left: Be careful of merchants taking the chance to increase prices of products in flood affected areas!
The devil holds a sign that reads: Increasing price

Top middle: Be careful of the speeding driver, child of the influential [person] who was recently granted bail to continue their fast driving! [referring to the underage driver who caused a number of deaths on the expressway, but remains free on bail]

Top right: Be careful for the notorious clip maker who was also granted bail and will continue producing [porno] clips!

Bottom left: Be careful of the targeted shooting that id usual during the election period! [refers to the political killings that are common during election times]

Bottom middle: Be careful of the lazy MPs who return to parliament!
The women say: Hungry ghost! [The hungry ghost is the type of Thai ghost that is extraordinary tall and always stays hungry and is tormented. The MP here is compared to a hungry ghost that desires money.]

Bottom right: Be careful of the PM candidates that walk around! [probably refers to the many politicians hoping to become the nominee for Thaksin’s Pheu Thai Party]

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