Banharn, the Peacemaker?

From Thairath, January 2, 2013
Cartoon title: Terng volunteer to bring them for pinkies hooking. [In Thai, hooking each other pinkies means to reconcile. It’s usually used among children.]
On the heart: Reconciliation
On man’s necktie: Banharn
On arm on the left: Favor Ammataya, love dictatorship
On arm on the right: Love democracy
On the hooded man’s shirt and robe: Order to suppress people; 100 dead bodies
Mouse man Phi Nooring: Matchmaker from Suphan [Banharn Sillapa-acha is from Suphanburi]
Man mouse: Reconciliation must be fair.
[Reference is to Banharn Sillapa-acha’s volunteering to be a middle man between the government led by the Pheu Thai Party and those on the opposite side, including the Democrat Party, to bring them to a reconciliation.]

From Manager, January 3, 2013
Sign on the wall: Shortie glue
Banharn Sillapa-acha: High quality glue, provides all kind of crack-sealing services.
Gen. Chawalit Youngjaiyuth: Just like myself… Grand opening, but out of business only in seconds.
Sign above a tray in front of Gen. Chawalit: One baht chain link [‘one baht’ in this context is the weight of gold in Thai. One-baht weight of gold is equal to 15.16 grams.]
[Reference is to Baharn’s offer to be middle man for the country’s reconciliation. Gen. Chawalit once also offered to be the so-called ‘the chain link,’ but failed to remedy the political discord.]

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