Bangkok’s teenage motorcycle gangs compete for glory and girls

Vanz Boys – illegal street racers riding for girls and glory – Bangkok Post, December 9, 2012
…”The girls that are attracted to Vanz Boys are called sagoi girls,” says Aod. “These girls are studying in junior high school and vocational colleges.”
“Sagoi girls come to watch the bike races and are also the girlfriends of Vanz boys. The boys with the fastest bikes usually get a lot of girls. We sometimes race with another gang to improve our reputation as well as to win new girlfriends, but we don’t steal each others’ girlfriends within our group.”
Aod joined the gang when he was 16 years old. He says they have 30-50 members at any given time with riders usually carrying a pillion passenger. Aod’s gang has no name, but gangs are often known by the motorcycle shop that does the modifications, which consists of stripping the bike of excess weight and beefing up the horsepower of small-sized engines…

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