Bangkok’s Pig


From Manager, June 23, 2016
Attention: The pig is an animal created by the nature to only eat, sleep and breed. Please don’t ask it to solve the flooding… massive waste… or whatever is beyond its ability… because it will seriously be against it’s nature. [signed] Pig
Caption: Announcement for all the people to know

[This cartoon heaps scorn on Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra, whose nickname is Moo (“Pig” in English). He has now been universally reviled for his ineffective measures to cope with the flooding in Bangkok and avoid corruption.
During the recent flooding he denied Bangkok was experiencing flooding and instead said that the water people see is not flood waters, but water waiting to drain. His statement was widely ridiculed by the public.
The larger issue is that Governor Sukhumbhand’s poor public image impacts poorly on Democrat Party claims that they are professional and honest.
It also raises hopes that a party controlled by Thaksin could reach a long-sought-after goal–winning the Bangkok Governor’s election.]

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