Bangkok’s ‘deadly rich kids’ get away with murder

Bangkok’s ‘deadly rich kids’ get away with murder – AP, March 23, 2016
…The Mercedes driver, Janepob Verraporn, 37, now tops a list of “Bangkok’s deadly rich kids,” as one Thai newspaper calls the children of privilege who have killed with their fancy cars. TV talk shows, social media forums and editorials have chimed in on a debate that asks whether justice will be served this time or — if history is any guide — if Janepob will walk away from the crime without serving time.
Police have rushed to defend themselves against criticism for initially mishandling the case and acting to shield Janepob, whose father owns a luxury car import company.
“The law is the law — whether you are rich or poor, you have to pay for what you’ve done,” national police spokesman Songpol Wattanachai said Monday, asking skeptics to have faith in the police. “Justice will be served. Just because he is rich doesn’t mean he won’t go to jail. I’m asking people not to think that way…”

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