Bangkok’s colourful street life to come to an end

Bangkok's colourful street life to come to an end - MCOT, March 12, 2004
The end of an era for Bangkok’s street vendors is set to come as early as the end of this month, when, in the interests of civic order, vendors will be banned from selling their goods in all but specially designated points in the capital. Announcing the move yesterday, Mr. Thanakorn Khunawuthi, director of the Office of Municipal Affairs, said that from 31 March, street vendors would be forbidden from displaying and selling their wares in any area other than the designated zones. The move follows a moratorium on street trading in five special zones announced on 2 March, which bans street vendors from selling their goods near bus stops and footbridges. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) says that the measure seems to have been implemented successfully. Mr. Thanakorn conceded however that some areas were still experiencing problems, most notably Minburi, where street vendors were resisting the moves. Although he said that the BMA would consider requests to designate areas as trading zones, he also warned that district chiefs would have to take responsibility for any continuing problems. Local residents have often opposed the ban on trading, complaining that they no longer have anywhere to purchase food.

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