Let’s Make Bangkok’s Central Park!

(2Bangkok.com proposal from 2003 to save Makkasan green areas)

10 years ago 2Bangkok.com offered an idea for a Bangkok Central Park: 2003: Idea for a Bangkok Central Park

What the area looked like then: Makkasan Depot

Of course to the Thai capitalists, something to be proud of is defined as condo developments. (Remember PM Chavalit’s attempt to get his hands on any big money project he could like the plan to “preserve” Chatuchak Market by redeveloping into condominiums?)

The green lung of Makkasan was eventually slated for “landmarks” like luxury condominiums. Fortunately a campaign was started to halt this travesty.

Makkasan ‘landmark’ concept stalls under fierce opposition – Bangkok Post, March 30, 2013
…”I want to ask what countries or cities use a luxurious condominium and a shopping mall as their landmarks,” he said, pointing to well-known icons such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York which have nothing to do with elegant residences or department stores featuring high-end products…

(Undated postcard of the grounds of the Siam Intercontinental)

It should also be noted that the developer’s promise to preserve some green area at Makkasan was also a promise when the extensive parks of the Siam Intercontinental were razed for the Paragon shopping center. All that is left is a treeless pond behind the nearby temple.

Readers can support the campaign to create a Bangkok Central Park by visiting the following pages:

On Facebook: We want Makkasan to be a park and museum

On Change.org

And on YouTube:

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