Bangkok’s Central Park becoming a reality?

Wisarut notes: Even though Makkasan central is likely to be developed as a part of High Speed train connecting 3 Airports, at least the old railway land which have been 3 connecting parks will be combined to form a Giant Chatuchak Park – but Kamphaengphet 3 road behind the existing Chatuchak park has to be closed for good while the contract for Chatuchak Green market willl not be renewed – BTW, The thre parks has the size as follows 1. existing Chatuchak park 155.1415 Rai (24.82264 Hectares) 2. Queen Sirikit park 196.91475 Rai (31.50636 Hectares) 3. Rotfai park 375.79575 Rai (60.12732 Hectares) – the combined Chatuchak park will be 727.852 Rai (116.45632 Hectares) – Twice the size of Lumphini park (360 Rai – 57.6 Hectares) – Bangkok version of Central park indeed!

ปิดถาวร ถ.กำแพงเพชร 3 เชื่อม 3 สวน เป็น ‘อุทยานสวนจตุจักร’ –, June 20, 2018

We first proposed this in 2003: Idea for a Bangkok Central Park

And 10 years later in 2013: Let’s Make Bangkok’s Central Park!

Also: Makkasan Depot

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bangkok’s Central Park becoming a reality? – this is the way BMA has to fulfill the dream of our father to create something like Central Park out of existing Chatuchak park by combing with the other 2 parks nearby as he has asked BMA to do in 2001.
    Well, the Princess Mother park 84 cannot be easily combine due to the fact that Vibhavadeee Raingsit Highway has separated Chatuchak park and Princess Mother park 84. Nevertheless, BMA will have to do something to improve Princess Mother 84 Park for sure and those fortune tellers at Princess Mother 84 Park will have to move out for sure.

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