Bangkokians are more easily manipulated than Isan people

From Manager, February 26, 2013
Thaksin Shinawatra: Tut!… Bangkokians are more easily manipulated than Isan people!!!
From the crowd from left: Wow… so smart; Wow… adorable; Oh!… the new governor.
Caption: Be careful… The owner of the power pole will look down up on you.
[The electric pole refers to Thaksin’s boast that Pheu Thai could even run an electric pole and beat the Democrats in the Bangkok Governor’s election. This is viewed by his opponents as indicative of his contemptuous attitude has towards voters. Those opposed to Thaksin often claim his rural popularity is due to the gullibility of provincial voters. Here Bangkokians show enthusiasm over the power pole who represents Pheu Thai candidate Pol. Gen. Pongsapas Pongcharoen.]

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