Protests lose steam or gather steam?

Bangkok protests lose steam after government backtracks on bill – DPA, November 13, 2013
…But only a few hundred attended the main anti-government rally Wednesday in the west of the city.
“The concept of civil disobedience is a new one for Thai protesters,” said Eakanat Phromphan, a former Democrat legislator. “Let’s see if it gains steam on Friday…”

Thailand’s Yingluck on shaky ground as protests gather steam – Reuters, November 12, 2013
…A rejection of the bill by the Senate late on Monday appears to have had no impact on protesters who vowed to continue until the draft was killed off, threatening the kind of turmoil that has plagued Thailand since the military ousted Thaksin in a 2006 coup…

Thailand: anti-Thaksin protesters set new targets after amnesty bill defeat – Guardian, November 12, 2013
…Although the protests have drawn a high profile and are the largest so far against Yingluck’s government, it was unclear if they are sustainable, especially in view of the overwhelming support Yingluck’s government has in parliament…

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