Bangkok Post on the Thai secret CIA prison

Bangkok Post on the Thai secret CIA prison: US report details post-9/11 torture in Thailand
…The report, strangely, concludes purely on speculation that the separatist violence in the South probably led the US to ask Thailand for permission to torture al-Qaeda suspects on Thai soil.
Unfortunately, it warps the time line out of kilter to do that, and loses credibility. The Constitution Project claims “Thaksin Shinawatra’s suppressive policies towards the Muslim South triggered violent riots” that led to Thailand being receptive to a CIA interrogation facility.
In fact such unrest occurred after the CIA had used and already closed its safe house.
The report seems on safer ground with general speculation there were “positive, long-standing relationship(s) between the CIA and Thai intelligence counterparts built during the Vietnam War and its aftermath”.
If anything, the report builds on the extreme conspiracy theory that the US was involved in events in the deep South of Thailand.
The question of “why” Thaksin and Thailand allowed the CIA to interrogate al-Qaeda prisoners and suspects has never been a serious mystery. In mostly popular decisions, Thailand openly aided the US in preparations for its invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq two years later – and Thai troops served under US command in both countries…

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