Bangkok in 1985, 1987 & 1996


Above: Rajaprasong Intersection, 1987: Site being cleared for the World Trade Center, later renamed Central World (at 8:11).

Above and below are some screenshots from this amazing video. The one thing we note from the 1985 and 1987 segments is the sound of Bangkok. Back then the dominant sound on the streets was the light bassy buzz from legions of tuk-tuks.


Above: Rajaprasong Intersection, 1987: Looking south. The Erawan shrine is at the far left corner. Today, at the near left corner, is Gaysorn Plaza.


Above: Rajaprasong Intersection, 1987: Looking north. Today, Central World is on the left side.


Above: Asoke intersection, 1987: Looking west down Sukhumvit at the intersection (The “Seafood” building is on the southwest corner of the intersection).

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