Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand sues ASTV-Manager newspaper for defaming him

Bangkok Governor Files Libel Charge Over Satirical Newspaper Article – KhaoSod, May 7, 2015
…Known for its royalist and conservative editorials, ASTV Manager frequently mocks Redshirt activists and Pheu Thai politicians in its satire section, often with crude language.
On 1 July 2014, the newspaper published a “parody” piece describing in graphic detail about how a transgender anti-monarchy activist would be gang raped by male prisoners after the junta finally tracked her down. The online version of the article was later pulled.
Last March, the section “quoted” a progressive actress, Intira Charoenpura, as urging Redshirts to start a separatist campaign in northern Thailand. The piece became popular among pro-monarchy Thais, many of whom failed to realize that it was satire.

Sukhumbhand sues over virgins, mockery and fleeing to the hills – Bangkok Post, May 7, 2015
…The article said MR Sukhumbhand recommended people “go live on a mountain” if the “lemongrass women” failed to help. That was an apparent reference to MR Sukhumbhand’s flippant remark last month when he suggested people move to the hills to avoid flooding. It enraged the public.
“Phu Jad Kuan” is described as an entertainment column whose content is made up.
But Mr Wasan said the article caused damage to MR Sukhumbhand because it was published on the newspaper’s website ( and many people posted hate speech against him. Some were misled by the article and posted comments about the “governor’s stupidity”…

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