Bangkok Governor Posters

The sign reads: Governor who doesn’t belong to any political party. Fully offer!! Everything, instantly!! Pol. Gen. Seripisut Temiyawes, the Hero of Nagae
Bangkok governor must not belong to any political party. If not there could be overlapped benefits and hidden agenda.
[He was called the Hero of Nagae since he was a commander in Nakhon Phanom province. While working there, he arrested local senior civil servants who gambled in a ship floating in a river. He’s also famous for being honest and straightforward.]

The sign reads: Laying down strategies to build Bangkok future in a seamless collaboration with the government. Pol. Gen. Pongsapas Pongchalroen

The sign reads: Ladprao road, 600 ms. to a bridge
[This is for candidate Khosit, but what is the meaning?]

The sign reads: A managing executive who can manage coordination from ten directions
Kosit Suvinitjit Bangkok 24 hours; Bangkok 24 hour services
[Kosit is former President of the Media of Media company, a famous TV production company. He is another independent candidate in the governor’s race.]

The sign reads: MR. Sukhumbhand Paribatra [the Democrat Party’s nominee and the existing governor] Love Bangkok, Build Bangkok together; Vote for MR. Sukhumbhand Paribatra

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