Bangkok Governor Candidates Not Helping Some Vendors

From Thairath, January 26, 2013
Left, vendor: Campaigning for the Bangkok Governor election shouldn’t be selective. They [the candidates] helped vendors grill bananas, dice chicken, and roast peanuts…
Middle, vendor: …but look down upon vendors like us, and refuse to have pictures taken with us.
Man: What do you sell?
Right, vendor: We sell buay [plum], ragum [zalacca], and haew [water chestnut].
[In Thai, ‘buay’ can also mean ‘coming last,’ ‘ragum’ means ‘being in hardship,’ and ‘haew’ is ‘losing the race.’ The cartoon is commenting on how candidates create photo ops with vendors to show how down-to -earth they can be. In the traditional of Thai humor that relies on puns, So the cartoon is mocking that the candidates don’t want to become jinxed by the meanings of these products.]

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