Bangkok Blasts – First Government Explanations
กรุงเทพระเบิด – การอธิบายของรัฐบาลครั้งแรก

Home-made bombs meant for individual targets: NSC
…Based on preliminary checks by police, Iranian bomber suspects, one at large and two in police’s custody, want to target individuals although it remains unclear about potential targets or organisations, Wichean said…

Sukumpol rules out three explosions as terror attacks
…”In my personal view, the bad men were trying to assemble bombs which led to the explosions,” he said…

Americans alerted to maintain heightened awareness
…”Be alert for unattended packages/bags in public and report any suspicious behavior to the nearest law enforcement personnel,” according to statement in its website…

Blasts linked to ‘global tensions’
…”Yesterday’s incident was caused by current international tensions in world politics,” National Security Council secretary-general Wichean Potephosree told a news conference on Wednesday morning.
“It’s happening not only in Thailand but also elsewhere…”

Hotel staff shocked by ‘polite’ bomber
…”Mr Moradi was good-looking and dressed neatly, as if he was a young entrepreneur,” said the worker. “He was also polite and I can’t believe that he would be a bomber…”

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