Bang on pots like in Myanmar

From Thairath, February 6, 2021
Title: Help bang to kick out the devils; Myanmar model
On people’s suits: Opposition parties
Words aropund pots: No-confidence debate… Government failed… Don’t have ability… Corruption
On paper held by PM Prayuth’s guard: Threaten with charges to stop talking [referring to threats to charge MPs with lese majeste if their complaints are related to the monarchy]
Phi Nooring: Make them deaf
Mouse: Let’s see how long they can put up with it.

[Refers to the no-confidence debate on PM Prayuth’s government. This cartoon supports the opposition in their efforts to disclose how the government has failed to tackle COVID-19, the economy, and other issues. The cartoon compares the opposition’s no-censure debate with the post-coup protests in neighboring Myanmar when people banged on pots and pans to protest the military seizure of power.
Does anyone know the meaning of the rope Prayuth is holding?]

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