Ban on campaigning for or against new Thai constitution includes social media

Referendum Campaign Ban Extends to Social Media, Line, SMS – KhoaSod, August 28, 2015
[This article contains one error–the 2007 referendum did not allow open campaigning. The “no” campaign was effectively banned by the military while the “yes” campaign was encouraged. Thaksin strongholds shocked the pundits by turning out a big “no” vote in many provinces despite the ban.]
…The last time a new charter was drafted under the purview of the military, in 2007, it went to a public referendum during which open campaigning was allowed…

Above: From 2007: Graffiti on a sign publicizing the referendum

2007: Constitution Referendum Day

2007: Countdown to Thai referendum begins with arrests and warnings
…The military rulers offered themselves as a better alternative – even promising a free and fair political culture – in helping to guide the country back to democracy.
But on Wednesday, the military-appointed parliament passed a law that raises questions about such assurances as the referendum looms. Any attempt to obstruct the referendum has been made a crime, including a 10-year jail sentence. Violations range from misleading the public about the plebiscite to damaging ballot papers.
These measures come on top of nearly half of Thailand’s 76 provinces still being under martial law since the coup and the government using the military and police to prevent anti-coup groups from the villages heading to Bangkok to protest…

2007: Thailand heads for Guinness record with upcoming referendum

2007: It was around this time that the Red Shirts (in their first action) made a surprise stone-throwing attack on Privy Councillor Prem’s residence. This was a warning to the then-junta as well as the political class that Thaksin still could influence events and that he was not afraid to confront the monarchy if he felt he was treated unfairly.

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