Bad fortune comes from what?

From Thairath, March 10, 2017
Title: Misery from bad deeds or temptation by the evil doer?
Sign near soldier at left: Article 44.
On monk’s robes: Monk of Wat Phra Dhammakaya.
On man with glasses: Reform of religion
The man is picking to pocket of a monk’s bag. On the bag: Money from donations
On paint can: Fake Buddhist
Mouse man: [They] Commit a sin together.
Mouse: Monk’s grief.

[This cartoon defends Wat Dhammakaya by contending that evil authorities are attacking it. The title of the cartoon asks if the ill-fortune the sect has received the result of past bad deeds (according to Buddhist belief) or simply the result of evil outsiders harassing the innocent sect. We think the man in glasses is religious expert Surapot Taweesak.]

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