Baby Party

From Manager, May 29, 2018
Left, Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit: Hey!… Why every time I speak… you have to lick my mouth.
Right, dog: It smells like breast milk.
On the shirt: New Future Party.

[The cartoon refers to the Thai saying to “smell breast milk in your mouth.”
The cartoonist is criticizing the New Future Party as being led by someone who is gullible and unaware of what he is really doing. This is indicated by calling the party leader a baby.
The baby term is also used to describe the young activists who led protests insisting on elections being held this year.
As Thanathorn is the nephew of one of Thaksin’s wealthy political supporters, uses Red Shirt rhetoric and openly vows a constitutional rewrite if elected, it seems suspiciously like he will be acting on behalf of Thaksin.]

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One Response to Baby Party

  1. Anonymous says:

    Somsak Jiamthiamsakul pointing out that Future Forward Party is just the place for those radical, militant, and hard core factions of Phuea Thai party to stay and function as human shields against Junta with their own radical agendas to keep Phuea Thai party from being under the cross hairs of Junta. ven comrade Poon pointing out that those Future Forward party are just more like front line army men to fight against Senathipat (the new name for Junta which consists of the whole armed forces).

    If Future Forward party won, it will help Phuea Thai party a lot. If Future Forward party failed, it is a good time for Phuea Thai party to purge radical elements as sacrifices and scapegoats to cleanse themselves for the new political environment. E

    After all, the radical agendas of Future Forward Party got a lot of cheers from the underground radio networks stations in Laos who plan to turn Thailand into republican regime.

    Mockery toward Ai Thanathorn of Future Forward Party who want to be a President without learning that the way to be a president mean he is going to bring his men to confront with the New King – hope that he will survive the future ordeal as the consequence

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