“Baby 1001” or “Babe 1001”

Women freed from ‘inhuman’ baby ring – AFP News, February 25, 2011
…Police said the company, called Baby 101, received orders by email or via agents from childless couples and in some instances the male partner would provide sperm to inseminate the women…

[We are not sure where the name “Baby 101” came from originally. It is actually “Baby 1001” or “Babe 1001.” Messing up numbers when translating from Thai to another language is a common error in Thai translation. This may be an example of how mistakes in the Nation and Post pollute other English-language news written about Thailand since foreign stories are based on the facts in the local English-language press.]

In 2009: Taiwan warns Bangkok-based company on fertility tourism – asianewsnet.net, August 27, 2009
Babe 1001 has been targeting potential Taiwan clients for quite some time through its Chinese-language ad on the Internet. The ad lists the telephone number of Babe 1001’s headquarters as one in Bangkok, with a telephone number for its branch located in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh…

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