Aung San Suu Kyi not as bad as Yingluck

From Manager, December 4, 2011
Hillary Clinton says of Aung San Suu Kyi: Huh… She’s not so bad. The other female Asian leaders I’ve met have all been stupid and could not speak English. [this is intended as an insult to Yingluck]

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2 Responses to Aung San Suu Kyi not as bad as Yingluck

  1. Wanee says:

    At least Yingluck speaks better English than Chuan, the village lawyer, who openly declares he hates foreign languages.

  2. Villager says:

    Chuan is passable from what I have seen. I certainly don’t blame him for actually admitting languages aren’t simple. Chuan has numerous faults. Village lawyer isn’t one of them. (He wasn’t even born in a village.) The word village has obviously written him off as untermensh in Wanee’s mind. Numerous local politician/’businessmen’ (like Wattana and Thaksin) have written Chuan off in this way. And by doing so they have firmly indicated (to awake people) their own paucity of human spirit. One can definitely be forgiven for seeing such politics = business exponents as android-like, relentless parasites.

    Yingluk might be all right if she was on her own, but when you vote for her (in reality or by default) you inevitably get the whole shameless Shinawatra clan into the bargain. I’ve seen their conduct in action locally, and it is far worse than just plain amoral.

    It strikes me we all really need to stop watching those awful bling-bling TV soap operas in which the servants are always silly and the poo-yais are always gods to be grovelled to. We really do have to ask ourselves whether we want a greater number of essentially honest village people running this country, or just the same old time-dishonored set of sharp-tongued dishonest city slicker scam artists.

    There really is no need for any Thai PM to speak any English at all. They can well afford to employ skilled translators who are capable of the nuance they aren’t capable of themselves. But there in hangs a tale. Most of them are essentially kee-niaow when it comes to paying less affluent people a sensible wage for the skills they have worked hard to learn. (Small wonder then that such skilled hard-working folks frequently export themselves to places in the World where their honest effort is valued.) It constantly seems that skilled honest people are victimized here, while criminals are eternally graynjaied in the futile hope that they will catter a few of the measly bling-bling crumbs of their dishonest wealth. Most of those crumbs add up to little more than greater indebtedness.

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