Do Whatever Makes You Happy

From Thairath, August 14, 2016
Title: Do Whatever Makes You Happy [the implication being that you can think anything you want even if it is not true]

Top left: Catching the trend without be careful
[Refers to Pokemon Go and people who play it without being careful of their surroundings.]

Top middle: Dividing Thais is the U.S. Ambassador’s job

[Refers to the role of U.S. ambassadors which has been criticized for pandering to the Red Shirts. Those who hold this view see the Red Shirts and their threats of dissatisfaction, separatism, and support for Thaksin as acts that transcend the highest-held Thai value of unity.]

Top right: Only voices of people who didn’t read the draft constitution

[Those who opposed the charter claimed that those who voted “yes” did so because they did not read the draft carefully.]

Bottom left: Democracy has already died

[Refers to the victory of the junta’s charter in the referendum.  The results seem to indicate that people support the junta over any desire for democracy.]

Bottom middle: The constitution will make the country move backwards
On the cart: Corruption in the rice-pledging scheme

[Refers to statements made by former PM Yingluck claiming the new charter will move the country backwards. The cartoonist contends that when the country was democratic, it allowed politicians to corrupt the country such as when the Pheu Thai-led government was allowed to raid the country’s treasury with its rice pledging scheme. This program seemed designed to reward Pheu Thai supporters and ensure a stable government until an amnesty could be crafted for Thaksin.]

Bottom right: Thailand is at top of the world’s least miserable [list]

[Refers to the Misery Index from Bloomberg. It showed that Thailand is the lowest in misery or sadness followed by Singapore and Japan.]

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